[PRIV配件] BlackBerry Priv U|Karbon Skin 手機貼照片分享 (優質3M物料)

[PRIV配件] BlackBerry Priv U|Karbon Skin 手機貼照片分享 (優質3M物料)


若果想將心愛的手機個人化,除了最簡單的換上新手機殼外,用上手機貼也是一個不錯的選擇,以下要介紹的就是英國的 “U|Karbon Skin” 手機貼 (採用優質3M物料),先來看看他們網站的照片吧……

英國 U|Karbon Skin 手機貼 (優質3M物料 )有18不同款式可供選購,售價由£8.99起(另加運費),我們也選購了 PRIV 及 Passport 的 U|Karbon Skin 手機貼,收到後也會為大家來的評測。先來看看他們網站的照片吧,大家喜愛那款手機貼呢?


Not only will you add superior scratch protection to your

BlackBerry Priv,you’ll give it that 3D look that will make it look x10 more attractive.

Our skins are made from premium quality 3M material which are easy to apply and leave NO sticky residue if removed. Not only that, it’s impossible to get any air bubbles during application due to its bubble free technology, and you’ll also benefit from the added grip your skin will provide.

So look no further for a BlackBerry skin, ours are UK made by a team with years of vinyl & design experience. We promise you’ll be happy with you purchase.


– 7 Piece design (inserts are free +2)
– Easy application
– 3D textured
– Adds superior scratch and smudge protection
– Leaves no residue
– Bubble free application
– Made in the UK

Please note:

– There is no front to this skin
– Device not included

– This is a skin product and not a hard case or a shell

Source and Photos: http://www.ukarbon.co.uk/products/blackberry-priv/


[PRIV配件] BlackBerry Priv U|Karbon Skin 手機貼照片分享 (優質3M物料)

blackberrypriv-ukarbon-skin_bbc_02 blackberrypriv-ukarbon-skin_bbc_01blackberrypriv-ukarbon-skin_bbc_06 blackberrypriv-ukarbon-skin_bbc_05 blackberrypriv-ukarbon-skin_bbc_04 blackberrypriv-ukarbon-skin_bbc_03▲英國 U|Karbon Skin 手機貼 (優質3M物料 )有18不同款式可供選購,售價由£8.99起(另加運費)。


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