[PRIV更新] BlackBerryPRIV Google Play Apps (DTEK, Keyboard, Hub, Camera) 更新說明

[PRIV更新] Apps (DTEK, Keyboard, Hub, ) 更新說明


內裡由 BlackBerry 開發的 Apps,也會在12月14日後在 Google Play Store 找到更新(DTEK, Keyboard, Hub, Camera),來看看今次的更新說明吧……

  • BlackBerry Camera: 相機增加支援16:9拍照模式及加了新的拍照效果
  • BlackBerry Keyboard:已增加20種語言輸入法,包括多語言切換(可惜暫時還沒有中文輸入法)
  • BlackBerryHub Contacts:整合  至 BlackBerryHub
  • DTEK by BlackBerry:更多通知提醒的選項設置

Source and Images: BlackBerry.com


[PRIV更新] BlackBerryPRIV Google Play Apps (DTEK, Keyboard, Hub, Camera) 更新說明


▲BlackBerry PRIV 內裡由 BlackBerry 開發的 Android Apps,也可在12月14日後更新。


Camera: 相機增加支援16:9拍照模式及加了新的拍照效果

  • Full screen 16:9 image capture
  • Overall speed and performance improvements
  • New pre-capture indicators for HDR and Low Light photos


Keyboard: 已增加20種語言輸入法,包括多語言切換(可惜暫時還沒有中文輸入法)


  • Prediction and correction for up to 3 similar languages simultaneously
  • 20 new input languages including: Albanian, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Belarusian, Belarusian Translit, English (Ireland), Estonian, Georgian, Icelandic, Irish, Khmer, Kyrgyz, Lao, Latvian, Macedonian, Mongolian, Ukrainian, Ukrainian Translit, Uzbek and Welsh.
  • Options to have emojis added to predictive typing
  • Improvements in Fine Cursor Control, including the use of the Touch Keyboard
  • Option to use Shift key to toggle number row to show symbols in password fields


Hub & Contacts: 整合 WhatsApp 至 BlackBerryHub


  • WhatsApp notification integration – allows the user to view notifications of new chat content from WhatsApp directly in the Hub, and better manage their communications through features like Snooze and unread filters.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for ‘next' and ‘previous' message transition
  • The ability to change the order in which conversations are sorted
  • Location lookup for contact information lets you type in a point of interest and use it to populate a contact card
  • Enhanced content sync for email and text messages, and attaching content from integrated cloud providers


DTEK by BlackBerry: 更多通知提醒的選項設置

  • Turn on all notifications for all applications at once
  • The ability to turn on notifications by information type, including location, microphone, camera, and other personal information


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