BlackBerry PRIV (前代號為 BlackBerry Venice) 官方確認將會在秋季上市

BlackBerry PRIV (前代號為 BlackBerry Venice) 官方確認將會在秋季上市


相信實體QWERTY鍵盤的粉絲等了“BlackBerry Priv” (前代號為 BlackBerry Venice) 多時,在 BlackBerry 官網上(手機版) 終於正式上載了一些 BlackBerry PRIV 的上市消息及圖片了,官方已確認 BlackBerry PRIV “Coming This Fall” 將會在秋季上市,更多詳情就會在未來幾週內公佈。

BlackBerry Priv 結合了 BlackBerry 手機安全性和生產力,以 Android OS 平台上再加上 BES 12 的支持及互相結合,新的設備將提供 Android OS 最佳的安全性,目標客戶為企業客戶。

BlackBerry 仍保證致力於 BlackBerry 10 操作系統,將繼續發展和加強BlackBerry 10操作系統,並確認了 BlackBerry OS 10.3.3 已計劃在2016年三月推出,增強於安全性和保密性平台的更新。更多BlackBerry 的消息請留意我們黑莓會的後續報導吧……

So why is it important that we extend to Android? Launching an Android device is a tremendous new market opportunity as we continue our focus on building a cross-platform strategy. It’s a terrific proposition for dedicated Android users who are seeking greater productivity and powerful privacy features. And we are advancing our own platform, redefining the expectations of mobility in today’s age of risk and cybercrime so that we can serve customers even better.

At the same time, I want to be clear: fans of BlackBerry’s workhorse BlackBerry 10 smartphones can continue to depend on us, and we appreciate their commitment. We will be releasing new updates of this powerful OS in the upcoming year.

There is continued demand for our flagship BlackBerry 10 devices like BlackBerry Passport and Classic by consumers, enterprises and regulated industries. These devices – combined with our network – offer peerless security and productivity advantages. They’re not going away. BlackBerry is offering a new option for those customers who want the apps ecosystem to help them stay productive and engaged in their personal lives, and the security and productivity they demand at work. Combined with BlackBerry’s support of Android for Work on our BES12 platform, the new device will offer best in class security for enterprise customers.

Source: BlackBerry.com

[ BlackBerry PRIV (前代號為 BlackBerry Venice) 官方確認將會在秋季上市 ]


“BlackBerry PRIV” (前代號為 BlackBerry Venice) 以”Privacy by PRIV”守護隱私來命名,上圖中就是零售時的包裝盒嗎?



BlackBerry PRIV “Touch + Type” 除了可在屏幕上觸控輸入外,還有更精準的實體QWERTY鍵盤輸入。



BlackBerry PRIV “SmartSlide” 配以智能滑蓋的實體QWERTY鍵盤。



BlackBerry PRIV “Coming This Fall” 將會在秋季上市。


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▲”BlackBerry PRIV” BlackBerry Hub Demo 的 3D設計概念渲染圖。


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