BlackBerry Classic 鈷藍色限量本即日起在香港CSL,百老滙及蘇寧等開售



鈷藍色限量版即日起在香港 ,百老滙及香港蘇寧等開售 (2015年7月9日),港行(香港原裝)建議零售價為港幣$3888,對 鈷藍色版有情意結的可留意一下。

BlackBerry 北亞地區董事總經理梁凱風表示:「隨著鈷藍色 於香港限量推出,客戶於選 購 BlackBerry 10 手機時,將擁有更多的外形與顏色選擇切合個人品味和需要。 傳統黑色、 優雅白色以至最新的鈷藍色,為客戶提供保障工作及個人資料的安全及提升工作效率之餘,更切合個人風格。」

鈷藍色限量版也已在 ShopBlackBerry.com 上架及售價為美金$379。至於 金銅色版本則有機會已被取消了,更多BlackBerry 的消息請留意我們黑莓會的後續報導吧……


in Cobalt Blue Now Available In -Jul 8, 2015
New Limited Edition Variant Extends Colour Options to Users as They Choose the Right Colour to Suit Their Style

– BlackBerry Limited (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB), a global leader in mobile communications, announced today the availability of the limited edition cobalt blue coloured BlackBerry® Classic™ smartphone in . The cobalt blue variant is available now through select carriers and partners.

Gallant Leon, Managing Director, North Asia at BlackBerry, said: “With the arrival of the limited edition cobalt blue coloured , customers in have even greater choice of form-factor and colour, when selecting the BlackBerry 10 device that best suits their needs and tastes. With available in traditional black, classy white and now cobalt blue, customers can be confident they have chosen a device that keeps them secure and productive at home or at work, while matching their personal style.”

The limited edition cobalt blue is available now at an MSRP of HK$3,888 through . as well as authorized distributors including Broadway Photo Supply Ltd, Suning and The Nuance Group in .

For more information on the , please visit http://www.BlackBerry.com/Classic.

[ 鈷藍色限量版即日起在香港,百老滙及蘇寧等開售 ]

BlackBerry Classic Blue Available HK_bbc_01▲港行(香港原裝)建議零售價為港幣$3888 即日起在香港 ,百老滙及香港蘇寧等開售。(Photo: @BlackBerry Russia)


BlackBerry Classic Blue Available_bbc_01▲今次港行的 鈷藍色限量版也和白色版本一樣,在鍵盤上並沒有印上五筆(筆劃)輸入法的標示。


BlackBerry Classic Blue Available_bbc_02 鈷藍色限量版本也在 ShopBlackBerry.com 上架了,售價為美金$379。


BlackBerry Classic Blue Available_bbc_03 鈷藍色限量版本也在 ShopBlackBerry.com 上架了,售價為美金$379。

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