Inst10 for Instagram 在 BlackBerry World 更新至版本

Inst10 for Instagram 在 更新至版本


由第三方 Nemory Studios 開發的  Inst10 for Instagram App 在 BlackBerry World 裡更新了版本 ,更新內容主要為:新增影片錄影 / 支援影片上傳 / 影片編輯 / 自動添加縮圖到影片 / 優先通知 / 縮短開啟時間等等 ,更多 BlackBerry World App 的消息請留意我們黑莓會的後續報導吧……

Inst10 for Instagram BlackBerry World Update:

  • New Video Recorder (Beautiful, User friendly UI and UX, High Quality)
  • Upload Recorded Videos from Inst10 (Can't upload from Gallery Yet)
  • Edit Recorded Videos with Advanced Video Editor + Filters
  • Regram Video Posts to your own Feeds
  • Automatically Adds Thumbnail to Video (No Need for the app to take a separate shot before recording)
  • Prioritized Notifications (get notified by: Comments only, Mentions only, tags only, likes only, follow only, check all you need)
  • Improved Startup Time from 8 seconds to only 3-4 seconds
  • Removed Logout Action Item from Options (Use Remove Account from Accounts Page to Logout Instead)
  • Improved Picture Picker
  • Biography limits to 150 Characters for preventing server errors

Check out Inst10 for Instagram in BlackBerry World!

Inst10 for Instagram BlackBerry World Update_bbc_01▲ Nemory Studios 開發的  Inst10 for Instagram App 。


Inst10 for Instagram BlackBerry World Update_bbc_02▲ 在 BlackBerry World 裡更新了版本。


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