BlackBerry 已獲邀加入美國國家網路安全聯盟(National Cyber Security Alliance)成為合作夥伴

BlackBerry 已獲邀加入美國國家網路安全聯盟(National Cyber Security Alliance)成為合作夥伴


BlackBerry 日前發新聞稿向外宣佈,已獲邀加入美國國家網路安全聯盟(National Cyber Security Alliance)組織成為其合作夥伴,NCSA是一個專注幫助公民在網上安全的非營利組織。

NCSA合作夥伴包括美國國土安全部(Department of Homeland Security),私營部門的成員包括全球領先的技術公司(包括 Symantec, CISCO, Microsoft, SAIC, EMC, McAfee)和金融服務機構和各大媒體及非營利組織等,以促進家庭用戶,中小型企業,以及小學和中學教育的網絡安全意識。

NCSA希望 BlackBerry 的加入能加強他們在移動設備的安全,特別是網絡安全及物聯網(Internet of Things)上的發展。更多 BlackBerry 的消息請留意我們黑莓會的後續報導吧……

Press release: BlackBerry Joins the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA)

WASHINGTON, Aug. 12, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), a nonprofit public-private partnership focused on helping all digital citizens stay safer and more secure online, today announced that BlackBerry Corporation, a global leader in mobile communications, has joined the organization.

BlackBerry brings NCSA sector-leading expertise in software, hardware and Internet of Things security. The company delivers an end-to-end secure platform for mobile communications, and is the only provider with secure and encrypted voice, text, messaging and enterprise file-synch-and-share capabilities. BlackBerry has earned over 70 government certifications and approvals, more than any other mobile vendor, and its technology is trusted by enterprises and governments around the world.

“Organizations and consumers increasingly rely on mobile technology, but they may not fully understand the security and privacy considerations that come with untethered, unlimited access to information,” said Michael Kaiser, NCSA’s Executive Director. “BlackBerry has made secure mobility a priority and knows how to keep individuals, enterprises and government agencies safe by keeping their data secure. We welcome the unique perspective that BlackBerry brings to the NCSA, and we look forward to working with BlackBerry to solve cybersecurity challenges, particularly as they relate to mobility and the Internet of Things.”

“In a highly-connected world, security and privacy are paramount, and the world’s most security-conscious organizations depend on BlackBerry’s solutions to keep their data safe and their information private,” said Edward Hearst, Vice President of U.S. Government Business Development at BlackBerry, who will join the NCSA board. “Through our collaboration with NCSA, we can share BlackBerry’s knowledge and insights to further advance efforts to ensure that the mobile experience is safe and secure for users, no matter what devices they have or information they access.”

[ BlackBerry 已獲邀加入美國國家網路安全聯盟(National Cyber Security Alliance)成為合作夥伴 ]


▲NCSA希望 BlackBerry 的加入能加強他們在移動設備的安全,特別是網絡安全及物聯網(Internet of Things)上的發展。


blackberry-joins-ncsa_bbc_02NCSA合作夥伴包括美國國土安全部(Department of Homeland Security), Symantec, CISCO, Microsoft, SAIC, EMC, McAfee 等。


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