BlackBerry 已經完成收購 WatchDox 數據安全管理公司

BlackBerry 已經完成收購 WatchDox 數據安全管理公司


BlackBerry 發出新聞稿宣佈已經完成收購 WatchDox 數據安全管理公司,以進一步提高 BlackBerry 在手機移動安全及企業數據管理的領導地位。

WatchDox 是全球領先的安全企業文件同步和共享(EFSS)解決方案,使用戶能夠共享工作和控制每一台設備上的文件。BlackBerry 將整合 WatchDox EFSS 的解決方案,通過 BES12 一個多操作系統企業移動管理(EMM)解決方案的服務。

WatchDox is available as a value-added solution that complements BlackBerry’s existing portfolio of enterprise products and services. WatchDox will also be available as a service through BES12, which will allow enterprises to:

  • Integrate WatchDox into Secure Work Space for iOS and Android, making it easier to access enterprise files behind the firewall.
  • Provide users with the ability to control the level of security and permissions on the files they share.
  • Watermark content across all devices, making it easy to identify the source of the files and providing a strong disincentive for inappropriate sharing.

有關BlackBerry解決方案的EMM的更多信息: www.BlackBerry.com/enterprise。


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