BBOS 10.1 BlackBerry Hub icon meanings

BlackBerry OS 10.1: BlackBerry Hub icon meanings

BlackBerry Hub icons

Icon Description
The unread email icon Unread email
The read email icon Read email
The meeting invitation icon Meeting or event invitation
The Facebook notification icon New Facebook notification
The email with attachment icon Email with attachment
The draft email icon Draft message
The conversation thread icon Email messages grouped by subject in a conversation thread
The unread SMS text message icon Unread text message (SMS)
The read SMS text message icon Read text message
The MMS message icon Text message with attachment (MMS)
The draft text message icon Draft text message
The sytem notification icon New system notification
The message pending icon Message hasn’t been sent yet
The message sending icon Message is being sent
The message sent icon Message has been sent
The problem sending icon Message could not be sent