BlackBerry Passport Silver 24K鍍金豪華定制版本 (GoldenAce.vn)

BlackBerry Silver 24K鍍金豪華定制版本 (GoldenAce.vn)


Silver 24K鍍金豪華定制版本 (@GoldenAce.vn) 是以 Passport Silver Edition 鍍上24K鍍金定制,全球限量50台再加上豪華包裝……

BlackBerry Passport Silver 24K金豪華定制版本全球限量50台,採用桃木禮盒包裝,隨盒附帶鍍金卡(對應手機的碼、IMEI),Golden Ace 還提供證書,即日起開始接受全球客戶訂購。

為了能夠將24K鍍金上Passport 的手機的主框架上,GoldenAce.vn 出動了資深皇牌工匠和機械工程師,以測量和最精確的方法,總生產過程動員了8人皇牌團隊及用了80小時的工作時間。

造工上使用黃金EU931合金定制在所有的框架上(達到“歐洲標準”),做到完美的1:1比例,及以 Swarovski 水晶作點綴(電源鍵、音量控制鍵)。


BlackBerry Passport Silver The World’s First 24 K Gold Edition Specially Tailor by Golden Ace International

When the arts of tailor reached to a new and higher level

In the past time, many of BlackBerry Gold Edition devices had been introduced to the users and received a lot of optimistic comments from the top high-end users around the globe. However, most of those products including the once from parties locate in London, United Kingdom where is the crib of this industry still remain quite a few flaws which caused to these top high-end users are not totally satisfy with the looks of such luxury and valuable devices.

Being aware of such issue, GOLDEN ACE (also known as GOLDEN ACE INTERNATIONAL) – one of the world’s top company in tailoring luxury mobile phones has just unveil to the world the first flawless “BlackBerry Passport Silver – 24K Gold Edition” right at the very end this August when the trance for this new smartphone from BlackBerry has just begun. Using high technology of machinery to precisely remake the parts of the device and perfectly finish by hands, this party has overcome all the mistakes and flaws that other parties already had and have been facing. This brings to the BlackBerry and the top high-end users a totally new experience for this luxury products range.

The amazing “molting” to every single detail…

Not much difference from the former BlackBerry Passport, the top main frame is made of stainless steel 304L and the bottom frame is made of ABS plastics, both being grey painted. The 3 keystroke line and the keypad palm are made of ABS plastics and grey painted

To be able to gold plating on the whole frame of the device, a group of artisans and machine engineers of Golden Ace has to research, measure and precisely tailor all the ABS plastics detail using Golden Brass EU931 alloys (golden brass “Euro Standard”) to a perfectly 1:1 ratio. This is required 60 straight working hours of a group of 8 people.

The difference in Passport Silver 24K Gold compare with the previous Passport 24K Gold is the smoothness of the contacting points between details just as smooth as the original device. Golden Ace also announced that they have overcome the flaw on the keystroke lines which make it much more precise and durable.

The back sim card cover is black painted which gives the device an elegant and sophisticate looks.

The functional keys set also being gold plated and Golden Ace provide two extra options for this detail. Customers could choose to use the gold plated silver platinum 950 alloys keys set encrusted with 26 Swarovski stones or even more luxury with the 18K solid gold keys set encrusted with 26 VS1 natural diamonds.

This is known as the world’s first BlackBerry Passport Silver 24K Gold Edition and also the first customization option for Passport Silver that is going to be introduced by Golden Ace this September.

Source: http://goldenace.vn/en/ma-vang/blackberry-en Golden Ace International @GoldenAce.vn


[ BlackBerry Passport Silver 24K鍍金豪華定制版本 (@GoldenAce.vn) ]


▲採用桃木禮盒包裝,隨盒附帶鍍金卡(對應手機的PIN碼、IMEI),Golden Ace 還提供證書,即日起開始接受全球客戶訂購。



▲電源鍵、音量控制鍵用上了 Swarovski 水晶作點綴,在Passport 的邊框上也刻上了獨有的編號。



▲在Passport 的邊框上也刻上了 “24K Gold Edition”。



▲背面SIM卡蓋為黑色塗漆,給人優雅而深沉的外觀,也看到了 BlackBerry Logo 也鍍上了24K金。


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