[PRIV更新] BlackBerryPRIV 開放 Android Marshmallow 棉花糖 (Android M) 測試計劃

[PRIV更新] 開放 Marshmallow 棉花糖 (Android M) 測試計劃


BlackBerry 在當初推出 承諾會每月提供更新,除了在12月7日的首個大型 OTA (檔案約4xxMB) 更新之外,Android Marshmallow 棉花糖 (Android M) 的 也快來了,要在首輪收到 beta測試的話,PRIV 必須……

登記候補名單(名額已滿) https://beta.webapps.blackberry.com/android/

要在首輪收到 beta測試的話,PRIV 必須由 ShopBlackBerry亞馬遜Carphone Warehouse 購買,其他購買地方(香港版本)的用戶也可以申請,但不會立即獲准加入此計劃。

  • 您需要啟用後台診斷報告及要發送給BlackBerry團隊。BlackBerry團隊分析匯總中收集的數據,並加以改進必要。
  • 公開測試名額有限。新註冊的被安排到等候名單,第一批將在本週接收到邀請。
  • 公開測試報名將開放約兩個星期,及最快安排在4月的第二週開始beta測試。
  • 公開測試期將持續約4-8週。


Almost immediately after we confirmed our newest phone,PRIV by BlackBerry, would be powered by a unique, security-amplified version of Android 5.1 Lollipop, people started asking when we'd update PRIV to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Because Marshmallow and PRIV were announced within a week of one another, and becausewe've been more aggressive in rolling out updates than most Android device makers, the appeals for Marshmallow from Android and BlackBerry fans have only gotten stronger.

If you're one of the people who wants to see Marshmallow on your PRIV, we have great news. We're kicking off the first beta program of the Android OS in BlackBerry Beta Zone. Starting today, we're inviting PRIV owners to sign up now to participate in our Beta Zone program and contribute to testing Android 6.0 on PRIV.

It's no wonder that so many are calling for Android 6.0 Marshmallow, as it adds some great, new features to Android. Notably,

  • Now On Tap, which identifies keywords in your communications, apps and searches and automatically adds cards with relevant information, such as directions to a restaurant mentioned in your friend's dinner invitation.
  • Better battery life with Doze, which puts your PRIV into a sleep state when you haven't used or moved it in a while, and App Standby, which limits the impact of rarely used apps on your battery.
  • Streamlined settings allow you to manage all of an app's settings in one place.
  • Auto backup for apps, which lets you seamlessly back up your apps and app data, and system settings backup, which allows you to back up things like sync, do not disturb and accessibility settings, so you can get right back where you were if you need to restore.

In addition to these and other new Marshmallow features, the beta software may include security updates on the bleeding edge – even before they are released in our monthly security patches.

PRIV Beta Zone participants will test Android 6.0 Marshmallow by doing a wireless software update to a new Android 6.0 beta build and submit Bug Reports using an included bug reporting app when bugs or inconveniences are discovered.

BlackBerry has a team of analysts ready to investigate the bugs and diagnostic data received, and the development teams are eager for direct customer feedback. Here's what you need to know to participate.

  • To be in the first wave of beta testers, you must have a PRIV purchased from ShopBlackBerry, Amazon or Carphone Warehouse. Other device owners may apply too, but won't be accepted into the program immediately.
  • You'll need to enable background diagnostic reporting so engineering teams at BlackBerry can analyze collected data in aggregate and make improvements where necessary.
  • There is limited space in the beta program. New registrations join the waitlist, from which new participants will be selected as we grow the program. The first group of participants will receive invitations this week.
  • Registration will be open for about two weeks, and we'll begin beta testing during the second week of April.
  • The beta will last about 4-8 weeks.

We value your help to explore the stability, performance, and experience of running the latest Android releases from BlackBerry on Android-based BlackBerry smartphones. Please sign up now for the by BlackBerry beta program.

Source and Images: http://blogs.blackberry.com/2016/04/help-put-android-marshmallow-on-priv-by-joining-our-beta-program/


[PRIV更新] BlackBerryPRIV 開放 Android Marshmallow 棉花糖 (Android M) 測試計劃


▲登記候補名單(名額已滿) https://beta.webapps.blackberry.com/android/



BlackBerryPRIV 的第五個系統及安全 OTA 小更新 (16年4月份) 已在4月2日開始推送了


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