BlackBerry Q5 將全面支援Q10 App

筆者也是業餘BlackBerry App Developer,剛剛收到來自 Team寄來的電郵,信裡面提到BlackBerry 將全面支援的App,不用作任何修改。而如果你的App本身已支援的話,便會自動地幫你加至支援,算是對開發者來說的好消息吧!


At BlackBerry Live 2013, we announced the upcoming availability of the new BlackBerry smartphone. Set to hit global carrier partners this summer, the BlackBerry gives the first taste of the BlackBerry 10 experience to those who want to have the t tools to explore, create and share.

We have great news for developers who have apps that currently support the . If your app supports the , then it will also function on the BlackBerry . No additional development work is required.

The BlackBerry is currently available in the Vendor Portal for selection as a supported device. For your added convenience, if your app supported the , we have automatically expanded your device support to include the BlackBerry .





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