BlackBerry 即日起向全球的 BlackBerry10 裝置OTA推送 BlackBerry OS (SR

BlackBerry 即日起向全球的 BlackBerry10 裝置推送 (SR


BlackBerry 即日起向全球的 BlackBerry10 裝置OTA推送 BlackBerry OS (SR,這是繼年初的 BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 後的重大更新,也是向 BlackBerry 10 全部機型的大更新,就讓我們 BlackBerryClubs 黑莓會 簡介今次官方 OTA 推送的幾個重點吧……

有了這些更新,你的設備將更加安全,更私密,讓您更富有效率,BlackBerry OS (SR10.3.2.2474) 特點:

  • 提昇 效能
  • 修復瀏覽器Bugs
  • 修復雙重打字(連打)
  • 其他一般修復及速度提升
  • BlackBerry Blend
  • BlackBerry Protect 防盜保護
  • 相機
  • BlackBerry 日曆


BlackBerry OS (SR  Features:

  • Improved Android Performance
  • Fixes security bugs in the browser
  • Fixes double typing
  • Other general bugs and speed improvements
  • BlackBerry Blend
  • Anti-theft protection in BlackBerry Protect

  • BlackBerry Calendar

Question: What's better than 10.3.1? 10.3.2!

  • Another Question: What's better than one update? TWO updates!
  • Over the coming weeks, BlackBerry 10.3.2 and BlackBerry Blend 1.2will roll out for the entire line of BlackBerry 10 devices.
  • With these updates, your device will be more secure and more private, keeping you even more productive.
  • When you update to BlackBerry 10.3.2, you'll gain access to great new enhancements across your whole device.
  • Let's take a closer look.


[ BlackBerry 即日起向全球的 BlackBerry10 裝置OTA推送 BlackBerry OS (SR ]

blackberry-os-10-3-2-2639-ota_bbc_01▲BlackBerry 即日起向全球的 BlackBerry10 裝置OTA推送 BlackBerry OS (SR。


blackberry-os-10-3-2-2639-ota_bbc_02▲BlackBerry OS (SR 新增了 Amazon Shopping App。


blackberry-os-10-3-2-2639-ota_bbc_03▲BlackBerry Browser 也新加了無痕的 Private Browsing,關閉時不會記錄任何資料。


BlackBerry OS 10.3.2 Coming_bbc_02▲BlackBerry Blend 新的用戶界面。這種全新的設計能令你更快查看信息和內容,和更容易互動。新增拼字檢查改善,及能夠直接從彈出通知畫面回覆訊息。


  • 加強 BlackBerry Protect 防盜保護

BB protect

眾所皆知,私隱和安全是 BlackBerry 的核心價值。BlackBerry Protect 允許你在遺失或被盜手機時停用你的 BlackBerry10 裝置,確保沒有人可以 Wipe 及開動你的 BlackBerry10 手機(檢視位置,播放音效,顯示訊息,鎖定裝置,清除裝置
標記為遭竊)。BlackBerry Protect


  • Anti-theft protection in BlackBerry Protect

BB protect

As you know, privacy and security is at the heart of BlackBerry's DNA. BlackBerry Protectallows you to disable the device is it's lost or stolen ensuring no one can wipe and reactive your BlackBerry. Read about this couple that tracked down their missing BlackBerry phone back intact thanks to BlackBerry Protect.


  • Camera

Productivity and efficiency comes in many different forms. Many of us can't afford to spend 5 minutes fiddling around with shot after shot trying to get a clear image every time we want to take a picture.

The camera enhancements with 10.3.2 include: low light performance in auto-mode, improved face-detection, and reduced blur caused by motion. All of these make taking pictures in any situation as easy as point-and-shoot.


  • BlackBerry Calendar

calendarMeetings. Meetings. And more meetings. Many of us have full schedules, and with the 10.3.2 update, the BlackBerry Calendar comes to the rescue.

As always, when you enable Meeting Mode on your BlackBerry Calendar, your phone automatically sets your phone to quiet for the duration of your meeting. With 10.3.2, you can now customize this feature to work however you need it to by specifying the events controlled by Meeting Mode, such as adding calendars to the ignore list.


And back by popular demand, your BlackBerry Calendar month view will show shrinking and growing date numbers depending on how busy your schedule is that day to show you just how busy the workday is at a glance.

Source: http://blogs.blackberry.com/


官方 OTA 推送至所有 BlackBerry 10 裝置上:
  • BlackBerry Leap
  • 適用於 ATT 的 BlackBerry Passport
  • BlackBerry Passport
  • Porsche Design P'9983 from BlackBerry
  • BlackBerry Z3
  • Porsche Design P'9982 from BlackBerry
  • BlackBerry
  • BlackBerry Q5
  • BlackBerry Z10

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